Wedding ceremonies are one of the memorable moments in life. Everyone loves to celebrate their wedding grandly. Wedding celebrations cost a huge amount that luxury lovers can manage. But people who are living with budgets are affected by the cost. Most of the couples’ or couple’s parent’s savings are spent on paying the bills for wedding arrangements.

According to Brides American Wedding Study, in 2017, people spent around $27,000 on their wedding ceremony. But in 2018, the sum was increased.

Also, In 2018 alone, people spent around $44,000 for their wedding ceremony. By guessing, maybe it can reach up to $60,000 in 2019. The amount was still increasing year by year. So people who are trying to cover their wedding ceremony within budget need to reduce their unwanted wedding expenses. When you take a wedding list of expenses, these mentioned below must be there. Here are some useful tips to reduce unwanted wedding expenses.

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Tips To Reduce Your Unwanted Wedding Expenses

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1. Booking venue

It is a know fact that people spend around $12,343 to $14,006 on average for their wedding venues. To avoid unwanted expenses pick an unusual date which most people didn’t pick for the wedding. Because of peak days, you need to pay more money for the venue. But if you pick a free date it will give you a chance to reduce the expenses. And also try to book a venue outer of the city to reduce your payment for the venue. If you wish, celebrate your wedding in a hotel or private club. They won’t cause you to more money like other venues. You can also limit the expenses by using the chairs and tables in the venue, instead of renting them. Thus you can reduce expenses in venues.

2. Decorations

According to Brides Survey flowers cost $1,274 in 2017, and $2,629 in 2018. This shows how much decorations and flowers cost a wedding ceremony. By borrowing decorative items from a recently married friend, you can reduce the expenses. Take a look at craft stores. They have a variety of decoration items that can be used for your wedding at a low cost. Use the season flowers available in local to avoid transport costs fall on you. Limit the decorations luxury into simple. Not all people prefer a cozy look at the wedding. Thus you can limit expenses and save money for other preparations.

3. Wedding invitations


Knot’s annual wedding study shows us invitations cost around $408 average. If you’re suffering from budget problems, you should consider providing E-invitations. They are affordable and save your time to hire a stationary. E-invites also reduce the amount of money spent on post the invitations and your travel to give the invitations. If you are looking for a traditional way, you should go for the invitations. But if you are looking for a change and limit the budget, you should go for the E-invites. Many websites are providing great services on E-invites and more affordable and it’ an easy process. It can reduce your wedding expenses.

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4. Drinks

We didn’t say drinks are unnecessary but if you are suffering from the budget problem, you can limit your drinks. Instead of serving all variety of drinks, you can provide only beer and wine. If you want to more than that, arrange a special timing and provide special drinks like liquor, tequila. That’s a wise choice for people with a budget. In this way, you can reduce your wedding expenses.

5. Dress  

Wedding dresses are cost around $1,509 averagely according to knot’s survey. For the wedding, everyone loves to look unique and dresses can make magic. But if you want to limit your budget, you can go for a second-handed dress. No one is going to consider it while it was looking awesome. You can get second-handed dresses from specified websites for that. It’s not for everyone except people who are suffering from budget problems. Instead of ordering your dresses, you should also try the sample dresses from the shops. They are affordable than ordered dresses. You can also borrow accessories, jewels from your friends. Buying all the accessories for just one day show isn’t good for people with a budget.  If you to buy them all, it feels like royal wedding expenses. Thus you can reduce your expenses in the dress.

6. Plus ones     

Limiting your guests with plus ones will reduce the expenses. If most of your guests provide a plus one with them, which will cost you more than you expect. So, limit the plus ones to reduce your wedding ceremony expenses.

7. Catering 

If you are suffering from the budget problem, you can make little change in you’re catering at the wedding ceremony. Use the buffet system or family-style station instead of using several caterers. It will help you to save money from expenses.  The results of knot’s research shows us people spent around $70 averagely for catering.

8. Cakes

Only providing luxurious cakes doesn’t mean they are only delicious cakes. A low cost of cake also tastes good. That’s not compulsory to order cakes for the wedding. You can also buy ready-made cakes from bakeries good for the wedding ceremony. Don’t spend a lot of money on cake if you have only a limited budget. According to knot’s research, people spent around $540 averagely on wedding cakes.

9. Music

If you are going to hire a live music band, that’s going to cost you much. Respectively, it can cost up to a huge amount. That good for people like to do royal wedding expenses. Cost helper estimates $2,085 for a band for four hours. If you love music, hire a DJ for a wedding ceremony and reception. The cost in this section may vary. According to cost helper DJs costs a few hundred dollars for an hour. Thus we can reduce the amount of music expenses.

10. Photography and Videography

Do you want to freeze-frame everything at your wedding ceremony? Photographs are the best option to freeze the moments.  But that’s not free. It will cost you a huge amount. Photographers from top-most cities like New York will cost you nearly $4000. So try to hire photographers from mid-level cities. They won’t cost you much like from the high-level cities. They charge around $2,800.These amounts are from the results of snapknot’s research. Thus you can reduce expenses in photography.

Videographers are the best options for the record everything happens at your wedding ceremony. Like photography, they are also cost a huge amount for their works. Also, hire videographers from mid-range cities to reduce the charge of the amount. According to snapknot videographers cost up to $3500. Hire photographer and videographer both in the same package to get some discounts. That will reduce a huge amount. Thus you can manage expenses in photography and videography.


For a wedding ceremony, the amount we spent on arrangements increasing every day like skyrocketing.  People who are ready to do royal wedding expenses can survive that. But if you are planning on a budget, it’s hard to survive. So they need to reduce unwanted expenses in the wedding ceremony. We spent a lot of money unwantedly without knowing that. With the correct knowledge and different ideas, you can reduce the unwanted expenses in the wedding ceremony and reception. These are some tips to reduce unwanted wedding expenses.

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