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Ramadan Iftar Party Invitation Card | VG-2139

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Digital Qawwali Invitation

Creating a Qawwali Invitation eCard is one of the most promising tasks in one’s spiritual life. Calligraphy is an essential leading factor in mind when designing invitations. So, the Custom Qawwali Invitation card consist of beautiful calligraphy with diverse choices that never get old. Not only this, ask expert designers to add Urdu and Arabic typesetting and symbols as well in your well-made Digital Qawwali Invitation card.

For instance, the green colour is of great importance in Islam, and it exhibits the gesture of peace and joy. That’s why this colour is present in most Muslim videos. For example, there are different sample art designs, for example, Mughal, Arabic, and sub-continental ones, for the dazzling stars of the event through the Muslin invitation video. It is also available in soothing shades, with the most beautiful red or maroon representing growth.

Why choose a Digital Qawwali Invitation Card?

1. Firstly, Virtual Qawwali Night Invitation Saves your time, as these are just one click away from their destination. Hundreds of thousands of invitations are gone across the globe in just a click! Isn’t it amazing?

2. These electronic qawwali celebration invitations templates are editable. Customize them whenever you want and anywhere too.

3. Moreover, we offer digital card designs in various formats like e-card JPEG, GIF, PDF, or Video MP4.

4. A unique feature to your digital islamic invitations: Google Map location. We can add a Google Map Location Link to your invite card, which provides you with the exact location of your destination. As a result, guests can quickly arrive at the venue without disturbing you.

5. Lastly, these qawaali invitation einvite are available in many languages, like Urdu, English and Hindi. You can customize it according to your choice!

6. Incorporate More Creative Ideas: You can access more creative ideas and options to incorporate them into one when it comes to invitation cards. For instance,  add your favourite song or film scene fitting the theme of your Qawwali Invitation card for whatsapp Caricature Invitations concept. Get the invitation video with some artistic pictures of the couple with family members.


Videogiri  is the best for customizing your demands

Invitations are unique with the royal and poetic format that keeps up the tradition from generation to generation when designing the qawaali night card. The discernable style of colours, fonts, and textures are of colossal range. The mix of various vibrant colours to be employed is massive because, unlike other cultures, there is no belief in the reflection of the gloom of any colour.