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20 Best Quotes For Your Wedding Anniversary Card

Wedding Anniversary Card

If a wedding was a memorable moment, then the wedding anniversary was the day of regaining the memories of the moments from the wedding ceremony. Each anniversary is the milestones and the proof of every successful year that they both together. For made every anniversary memorable, the couple celebrates the day with family and friends. Because of their love for those couples, their family and friends present gifts and wedding anniversary cards to them. The team also offers grants and cards to each other.

If you are looking for greeting cards online, several websites are providing them. But no one can match standards like Videogiri, an Indian company. We create Wedding Anniversary Invitation eCards as per your requirement. As we all know, the cards you present need to have something more than just wishes like a “happy wedding anniversary.” To get many impressions and make the people feel special on the day of the anniversary.

While presenting cards, fill them with some quotes. For this reason, many people started searching Google for greeting quotes. We gathered and gave you the perfect and best selections for an anniversary card for you searching for anniversary card greetings.

Quotes for Wedding Anniversary Card to Couples

If you plan to give a wedding anniversary card to your husband or wife, these quotes will help you.

“It’s been a tough year, but our love is tougher. Thanks for staying so strong through it all. Here’s to us…and a brighter year ahead.”

“I still remember the way my heart leaped when you got down on your knee and asked me to be your wife. Of course, I said yes, and I’d say it all over again. Yes, to you. Yes, to this life we’ve made. Thousand times YES to our love!”

“Our anniversary marks 365 more days. You’ve made me laugh, appreciate you, learn, grow, and be oh so glad we’re together!”

“On our anniversary, I want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed annoying you all this time and how excited I am to keep doing so in the future.”

“I feel so lucky to have a wonderful woman – a woman that made my life complete, a woman that makes my day by the time I wake up until I get home from work. I love you so much.”

Quotes for Wedding Anniversary Card to Parents

If you are searching for an anniversary card greetings for your parents, these quotes will help you.

“Mom and Dad, the home you’ve made, and your loving commitment to each other have blessed our family in more ways than we can count.”

“Thanks for being wonderful parents and for your lasting commitment to each other. In all my years, I’ve never once wondered whether you loved each other or me. It was always bright.”

“You are the parents that all kids hope to have, and you are the couple that all lovers hope to be, and you both are the pillars of support that every family wishes it had. Happy anniversary to the best parents ever.”

“Most kids take much time to figure out what they want their futures to look like. But I have known from the very start what I want my future to look like- exactly like your present — happy anniversary mom and dad.”

“Your love is like a fairytale. And thanks for raising me like a princess from fairy tales. Happy wedding anniversary, my king and queen!”

Quotes for Anniversary Card to Friends

If you are looking for wedding anniversary card quotes for friends, here is the best place for you.

“There are lots of quotes about lasting love, but few couples who seem to do it as well as you.”

“You have loved one another through all these years. May your love continue to bring you joy as you celebrate your anniversary of love and togetherness.”

“An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. Happy anniversary!”

“Count your anniversaries not by years alone, but by the great memories and happy times you’ve known.”

“It seems like you never get tired of each other because you’re not only beloved spouses, but also good friends. It’s very important in family relationships. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!”

Quotes for Wedding Anniversary Card to Siblings

If you are searching for anniversary card greetings for siblings, try them.

“Heartly congratulations on your Marriage Anniversary. May your golden union will always be like this, and may you have many more happy anniversaries. We all love you, my dear sister and brother-in-law.”

“Love, trust, tolerance, & tenacity. This is what we have seen in your relationship every time. May you have such a beautiful life ahead — best wishes on your special wedding anniversary.”

“Falling in love is too easy than maintaining your love. Both of you have proven it, and may this blessing continue in the future also — happy wedding anniversary to Sister and Brother in Law.”

“The way you maintain your love, I like your style. Your Pair looks so cute. It is the reason behind my smile. Happy Anniversary Brother!”

“My brother and sister in law are always around me to help me, advise me, and protect me, which ensures me about your dignity and love of your relationships. Happy Anniversary!”

At the Last

Quotes are the one which expresses that ordinary words can’t. Your anniversary card greetings are powerful when they have the correct comments. Anniversary is a milestone moment that happened every year. If you want to conduct an anniversary within a budget try, the top 10 Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Your Loved One. We need to make it memorable until next year’s anniversary arrives. There are many websites providing greeting card services with your own quotes customization option like Videogiri. Choose. Are you going to buy ready-made greeting cards or design them from makers? Everyone loves to express their feelings to their beloved partner, parents, friends, siblings, and relatives on the anniversary day. Your wedding anniversary card needs to make them felt emotional, convey your love. There are some best quotes for your anniversary cards.

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