Become a Reseller for Digital Invitation Video

    In today’s competitive market, video for business is a must-have for thriving businesses regardless of your industry. Business videos are a perfect way to promote your products, explain concepts and themes, connect with possible customers through content marketing and any other kind of video you can imagine. But isn’t creating professional videos time-consuming? That’s where Videogiri comes into the picture.

    When it comes to creating trendy videos for business, there’s a lot to know. Luckily, there’s no need to go far to acquire the necessary and relevant details. Professional designers at Videogiri can help you create powerful and engaging business videos. We have got everything you need to make appealing, impressive, professional videos to expand your business to wider audiences.

    Benefits of Becoming a Reseller With Videogiri

    If you join hands with Videogiri and become a reseller, your business can dominate the market and generate more leads. Take your business to new heights with quality and well-made videos. We work with various brands who become our resellers to expand their business reach in their respective market.

    Once you become our reseller, you can turn into a white label channel where our expert designers will offer samples without adding our details. The videos come without any watermark for resellers to sell the videos further. However, we can add a reseller watermark name, company name etc., if necessary. Each video comes with a 24 working hour timeline. With us, you can avail a flat discount of 25% on videos.

    If interested, Digital Marketing Companies, Photographers or Event Organizers are also welcome to connect with us. Videogiri is undoubtedly the most trusted platform for digital invitations in India. Apart from this, we also offer excellent business promo videos, explainer videos or corporate wishes videos etc.

    In reseller videos, you can acquire 25% flat discount on offering price from our website. However, for customized videos, the prices may be different because we incorporate your personalized requirements. To know more information about it, get in touch with us on WhatsApp.

    Be Partner with VideoGiri and Earn More.

    • No more expense to buy computers.
    • No monthly salary for Animator.
    • Flat 25% off (no barging, no more discount extra).
    • 500+ Creative and professional digital templates.
    • Delivery in 24 working hours.
    • Unlimited revision before video Render.
    • Only two times video can be render free after 500 every render.
    • 2nd version video cost will be extra (50% off).
    • Background music can be changed one time.
    • Your brand logo.
    • Dedicated relationship manager.

    If your client need some different video from our list, you can share the video ask the price and making timing from your relationship manager.

    You will not use any our video on your own YouTube channel. Otherwise will discontinue with you and will give you strike on YouTube.

    Be Partner with VideoGiri and Earn More.

    Let’s work as a team to lead our businesses to the next level!