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10 Best Diwali Greeting Cards That Make Your Day More Colorful

Best Diwali Greeting Cards

One of India’s famous and most celebrating festivals is Diwali. On Diwali, people celebrate it by bursting crackers, sharing sweets, wearing new dresses, praying god, wishing each other love. Wishing with cards is one of the best ways to show your love. Wishing with words is good, but if you deliver your wish with a greeting card, you should stay with them and remember us while seeing the greeting card.

While giving sweets and snacks specially made for Diwali, giving a card with it also gives a good impression. The purpose of the greeting card is to show our love. So we need to make good invitations for our loved ones. Not stationeries are the only option for printing greeting cards. There are many models in Diwali greeting cards online. Here are some best Diwali greeting card ideas that make your day more colourful.

Best Diwali Greeting Cards

1. E-Cards

Greeting cards means not only printed cards can convey our greetings. Also, ecards can convey what we want to say and remember us until they delete it. Several Diwali ecards designs are available on many websites, but Videogiri.com is one of the best in their designs and fast delivery. They provide ready-made designs to give you several choices on your greeting card. Send your ecards via mail and share your love through the veins of the network. They won’t cost as much as printed cards. Ecards are also a simple process, and they reduce your time and frequency to bring the cards.

10 Best Diwali Greeting Cards That Make Your Day More Colorful

2. Message on the greeting card

Messages are the best way to customize your greeting cards. The message “happy Diwali’ is enough to convey what you need to say. But if you want to do something more, add some quotes or sayings with it. If you are creative minded, add your quote on the greeting card. It can make a good impression and make it feels personal for them. Are you can add sayings from the literature about Diwali. It can give a traditional look.

3. Handmade Diwali greeting cards

Handmade Diwali greeting cards are one of the best ways to make a personalized wish. It’s not cost at all like others. Using chart papers, colour papers and glitters from the local stationery shop are enough to craft a greeting card. While crafting a greeting card with our own hands shows our love for that person. Using various colours, decors in the market, we can handmade our own customized Diwali greeting card look as nearly as printed cards. It’s also growing our talents to craft and creativity.

4. Theme of greeting card

Be aware of which theme you are using on your greeting card. Because misusing of themes can spoil the tone and mood of the card. If you are using a love theme for a Diwali greeting card wasn’t going to look good. For the Diwali greeting card, the crackers theme suits it. Using crackers, agal lights, sweets themes are suitable for a Diwali greeting card.

5. Diwali video invitations

Why always thinking about regular greeting cards? If you want to do more, try out Diwali video invitations and greetings. By using videos, we can share many messages more than in printed and e-cards. Videos have more interactions with your guests and convey what you think very clearly. It may be a recorded and edited clip or an animation clip that we can’t record. Your video greetings have belonged to your creativity.

6. Colors of the greeting card

Which colour is to use? Let selecting the colour is accessible to your creativity or the designer’s creativity. There was no specific colour combination for the Diwali greeting card, but red and yellow colours may give a personal and nostalgic feel. Because yellow and red colours are praised as holy colours because they represented the colours of tamarind and kumkum. Also, most of the crackers we busted in childhood in India were covered by those colours. That’s why I recommend those colours.

7. Photos can be added in greeting cards

In a Diwali greeting card, adding a relevant image to the Diwali was give many impressions. In Hindu mythologies, the day in which Lord Vishnu defeated evil Narakasura. So adding lord Vishnu’s image can give a meaningful message to your greeting card. Thus adding relevant images are suitable for customizing your greeting cards.

8. Decorations in greeting card

If your Diwali greeting card needs to look unique, add some decorations to it. Flower, light, cracker designs can specifically indicate that it was a Diwali greeting card. Decorations play a significant role in the look of the greeting card. Adding cracker designs on edge can make it look like a standard greeting card into a Diwali greeting card.

9. Cheap and Colorful greeting card

Greeting cards cost may depend upon their quality. Greeting cards cost starting from 1 dollar and above. Select the design which is affordable to you.

10. Spiritual Cards

Some people like it as religious and more spiritual to start their diwali as more peaceful. For those who like its colourful yet spiritual designs, Videogiri offers a wide variety of greeting cards with Hindu gods designs.

Tips To How to give Diwali greeting cards

Bringing Diwali greeting cards is only to show your love toward them and their families. So bring the greeting card with your fulfilled heart with overwhelming love. Or you want to do more; you can give those cards with Diwali sweets and snacks. You can also bring it with crackers if you want. That’s all the way to show your love and nothing more. While you bring your presents with a smiling face is enough for those seeking pleasure with your relationship.

Diwali was invented to share joy with everyone in the name of gods. Maybe it was a Hindu festival celebrated by Hindus, but the happiness didn’t only belong to Hindus. People of all religions are sharing their happiness with everyone. Sweets and snacks are shared with all people with presents. Even in some other religions, people gave presents and greeting cards to their friends. Diwali, the day that happiness is filled everywhere by sharing it with everyone; share your happiness with your friends and loved ones. By giving handmade Diwali greeting cards, Diwali video invitations share your happiness at the festival of Diwali.

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