At Videogiri, transform your greatest breath-taking beautiful memories into a caricature for you to appreciate and relish for the rest of your life.

Wedding Caricatures or Couple Caricatures are popular choices for making wedding invitations. Caricatures are innovative, colourful, and sophisticated ways of informing relatives and peers that you’ll be getting hitched. You can personalise a Marriage caricature that you will cherish for the rest of your life. We offer all kinds of caricatures, whether a couple of wedding caricatures, a Hindu wedding caricature, a Christian wedding caricature, a wedding anniversary caricature, a birthday caricature, or any other caricature.

Videogiri’s wedding video is witty and creative. Caricature-based personalised storyline invitations are the uniqueness of our company. Each layout told a great story and customised the couple’s preferences and needs. It is possible to include keywords and an inscription of the couple’s initials. Your interests, creative pursuits, specialism and favourite feature films can be integrated into the story. Our vision is to make our customers happy and satisfied.

Design an unforgettable caricature wedding card that you can save, download, or share on social media.

Make a fashion statement on a special occasion with caricature innovation for the wedding. You can try our interactive caricature designing tools to create caricatures from photographs or customised ones. In addition to this, you can make a Wedding invitation book, app, or poster with caricatures, including wedding animation video caricatures. It’s a deliberately twisted portraiture or representation.

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Perfection created, Affection captivated.

Nobody Can Refuse a Customized Wedding Invitation

The days of conventional and plain printed cards are over. Instead, it’s a craze among the youth and innovation that cartoon wedding invitations are gaining traction. How, therefore, can you claim to be an anomaly? Establish a category apart and invite your invitees to your wedding with your personalised caricature invitations. As a bonus, you’ll preserve time & expense.

Let's Create Customised Caricature

You can personalise your caricatures by choosing various quirky cartoon gestures and themes here. Then, modify a high-resolution image into incredible cartoon characters.

How To Make Your Caricature Design Look Amazing?

It is a piece of cake to make your wedding video caricature in just a few steps.


Step 1

Upload Hd image with the front face.


Step 2

Include all the authentic information about the event.


Step 3

Make the payment.


Step 4

Get your Animated Caricature ready in a few working hours.


Step 5

You can share it with your invitees on WhatsApp, Facebook, or other social media platforms.

What are Caricatures?

A caricature is a generated picture that exaggerates or simplifies the attributes of its theme using scribbling, pencil strokes, or other artistic creations. For example, you can combine animation to create caricatures of the pair, the bride and groom, to give them more appeal. Users can Make Caricatures for Weddings, Social gatherings, Parties, engagements, Haldiceremonies, Cocktail Events, Receptions and Other Big events.

Such cartoons frequently feature large noses, gigantic goggles, pointed ears, and exaggerations. A caricature makes use of overstatement to reveal the recipient’s mysterious personality. Additionally, the term can be seen as an utterance. To caricature someone is to create a distorted portrait of that person.

Customise yourself in the latest trends!

Use our digital cartoon version creator to personalise our photos. Caricature creator apps are a recent trend that expedites the method of caricature creation. One such technology is more user-friendly and has accuracy and speed. Transform a photograph into a cartoon version online.

Video customisation is an engaging way to flaunt on a Special day!

You can create an animated video with your custom caricatures. Transform your cartoon version figures as these are exceptional and appealing. Characters with interactive caricatures look unique and visually stunning. We specialise in various cartoon characters. You can start creating a caricature of a wide variety, including GiFs, Rajasthani wedding couples, Sikh wedding caricatures, Gujarati wedding caricatures, Punjabi wedding caricatures, Indian wedding caricatures and many more.

At Videogiri, we acknowledge how valuable your recollections of special events are to you. Our purpose is to develop a flawless masterpiece that you will remember for the rest of your life. Beyond everything, we genuinely think that glancing at your innovative video invites will every time bring a lot of happiness. We reckon in exceeding our commitments. Our first mission is to make your day memorable.