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Live Streaming Your Wedding During the Pandemic? Send Digital Wedding Invitations for the Event

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Live Streaming Your Wedding During the Pandemic

The bride and groom’s families are excited to share the joy of the wedding with their closest friends and relatives. But in the wake of COVID-19, organizing weddings with a lot of pomp and gaiety has become almost impossible. Now, not only are nuptials being live-streamed, but invitations are also becoming digital. A digital invitation such as a wedding video invitation is becoming increasingly popular with modern couples and families. The best thing about such invitations is that they can be sent online via email, social media, or shared on Facebook. This latest trend of sending video wedding invites is unique and requires more creativity than other forms. Video wedding invitations can be created in many different ways. They can be composed of either a romantic music video by the bride or the groom or unique videos created using photos of the couple. These video marriage invitations offer many benefits and are highly relevant in these trying times.

They can be created with endless creativity

There is simply no cap on the amount of creativity you can infuse into these invitations. They can be customized to suit the couple’s tastes by including their favorite music video or scene from a film. This will allow them to express their love for each other. You can also have photos of the couple and their families in the video. This will enable guests to learn more about themselves as well as their background.

Convey a personalized message

The bride and groom can personalize video invitations. This will allow guests to feel extra special.

Instant acknowledgement

The videos might include links. Guests can click on the link to confirm their attendance at the wedding. This way, the couple’s families can quickly get an estimate of how many guests will attend the wedding function. They can also ensure that the intended recipients have received and seen the invitations sent via email or any other digital platform.

Video invitations are cost-effective

Video invitations are a cheaper option than traditional printed wedding invites, considering the huge number of copies of the latter you need to get printed. For digital invites, the process of sending emails is free, so senders can send an unlimited number of emails to their contacts. This would be significant saving overprinting cards.

You can choose to send the invitation-only days in advance

To make sure that their guests receive the invitations on time, wedding couples used to have to send them out months before the actual wedding date. The brides and grooms now have the option to send digital wedding invitations a few days before their marriage date. Emails take just a few seconds to reach the recipients, while the postal service can take many days.

So, by sending a video invitation wedding, the expenses can be reduced considerably. Besides, a lot of other hassles can be minimized too. So, hire a reliable company, get your video invitation created, and set an example for your family and friends.