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Want To Cut Down On Unnecessary Wedding Expenses? Follow These 10 Practical Tips

wedding invite video

Wedding Invite Video

Who doesn’t love extravagant weddings? But holding luxurious weddings is for those who can truly afford them. There is no point splurging on a marriage if that means years of debt to your bank. Here are ten fail-proof ways to cut down on unnecessary wedding expenses. Read on—

Choose the venue smartly

Booking well in advance, booking in off-seasons, choosing a spot in the outskirts of your city can all help you spend less on the venue.

Go for dress rentals

Although many women are not comfortable wearing used clothes, renting a wedding dress is wise. Wedding dresses are rarely worn a second time.

Go for jewellery rentals

The kind of jewelry you wear at your wedding is too heavy. It is simply not suitable for any other occasion. Why spend so much on something you wouldn’t even wear in the future? Go for wedding jewelry rentals.

Plan a realistic menu

Add items in the menu that you think the majority of your guests will like. Have more filling things than snacks. Serving food at a wedding is about offering a hearty, delicious meal to your guests than showing off how many varieties you can put on the platter.

Capturing the moments

Yes, the best photographer or videographer in your city is known as the “best” for a reason, but that doesn’t mean others aren’t getting hired at all. You first need to set a budget for photography and videography and then choose a company or freelancer accordingly.


Are you thinking of hiring a DJ or professional dancers for your wedding? Well, think twice. Do you need them to entertain the guests? If not, you can get creative and prepare something for entertainment in-house.

Keep the lighting sober

Lighting is the soul of a wedding function. But then you will never get extra compliments for having a lot of expensive lights at the wedding venue. Keep the lighting minimal. There’s simply no need to go overboard with lighting when minimalism can do the job.

Venue decorations

Decorating the venue with fresh flowers looks luxurious, but it is costly. Instead, you can go for rented artificial flowers. Instead of hiring a professional decorator, ask your family and friends to decorate the venue. If you need assistance, it would be wise to hire someone who wouldn’t charge a sky-high rate.

The makeup

Weddings are a one-time affair, and, naturally, you should want to get your makeup done by a professional makeup artist. But that can get extremely expensive. Instead, make inquiries, and you will find someone from among your friends or relatives who do fantastic makeup. If you want a professional touch, hire someone who charges reasonably.

Send out wedding invite video

With a video invitation, wedding expenses get considerably lowered. But for the best results, hire a competent service provider who would do the job without burning big holes in your pocket. Whether by sending out a wedding invite video or getting your makeup done by a cousin, looking to save some money is always wise. So, if your wedding is around the corner, you know how you can get things done without spending a fortune.

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