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Invitations play a vital role in any event, celebration, or occasion where you want your guests or loved ones to gather and have a good time. You’re already familiar with paper invitations and usually go for them while planning events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate parties, etc. However, a new player has stepped into the game and changed the way you invite guests; Digital Invitations.  With Videogiri – Wedding Invitation Maker, Not only do you save time and money, but you’ll also save many trees because our Digital Invites are eco-friendly.

What Are Digital Invites?

A digital invitation is an effective way to let your guests know about your upcoming event and excite them to RSVP. They’re beautifully designed with various features, graphics, effects, custom fonts, texts, and pictures while keeping in mind your requirements. When most people search for digital invitations, they usually go for e-cards or Whatsapp invitations because they are generally shared on WhatsApp messenger.

New Revolutionary Trend:

Digital invitations have become a revolutionary trend that you’ll fall in love with as you get ample options to select from to make your big day super special. You may think, why must you go out of the way and invest in digital invitations when the traditional paper cards are available in the market. All in all, digital invitations are innovative, have a ‘wow factor, savvy way for people who are always tight in schedule and can’t get enough time for making arrangements.

Most Trusted Platform For Digital Invites:

One of the leading companies, Videogiri, is known to offer customized and personalized video invitations. They have been striving to bring in this excellent trend in the market for years now. They are handling invitation requirements for not only Indian clients but also clients on a global scale.

They also offer gif, pdf, and jpeg format by Invitemart. You can share them on any social media platform with your guests. As it’s a soft copy invite, the digital invitations stay with you forever as a memory of the special day. You can add all the details and add you and your spouse or family’s real pictures or caricature pictures along with the desired background music or a short message in a video invitation for that personal charm. Wouldn’t it be a lovely way to flaunt your love story to the world?

Whether you want a formal wedding invitation or a funky birthday invitation to invite your loved ones, digital invitations are available for every occasion, style, preference, and budget. At Videogiri, there are a sundry of unique invitations templates and designs to make it easy for you. The trust of the existing clients made Videogiri the renowned name in the digital invitation industry.

Adjust Your Perspective to the Pace of Digital Invites

Digital transformation goes hand in hand with mental change, and digital invites are no exception in this case. There is no point in being too timid in your approach and adjusting to the new circumstances. Traditional invitation cards are classic, and you have been using them for years. But digital invitations are making their way to bring more benefits like variety, comfort, save money and time and convenience, etc., that are unmatched. That’s why we are the best Wedding Invitation Maker in India.

Digital Invites Available for Different Events:

At Videogiri, you get marriage invitation videos which consist of engagement invitation videos, 2D & 3D Roka ceremony videos, reception invitation videos, save the date invitation video for the wedding. You get invitation videos for each culture like Hindu wedding, Rajasthani wedding, Muslim weddings, Marwari Weddings, Christian Weddings, Punjabi Sikh Wedding, & South India Wedding, etc. Not only this, but you receive an option to get invites in multiple languages like Hindi, English, Punjabi, etc. Some quirky, funny, floral, and funky themes are also available to pick for your digital invites.

Apart from marriage videos, digital invitations are available for other celebrations too, like birthday parties, housewarming, baby showers,  Ganesh Chaturthi, Lohri celebrations, anniversaries, and Puja Invites like Mata ki Chowki, Sai Bhajan Sandiya almost any occasion as per your demand.

You get videos for professional events, like brand promotion, custom testimonial, logo animation, documentary, animated brochure, etc., to promote your brand and business in a cost-effective, quick, and trendy way. Generally, people send corporate wishes in a still image, but to increase your brand’s reach and viral your brand, video wishes are a unique and trendy way!

How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video Online from the best Wedding Invitation Maker?

Generally, people search for a trusted platform that can offer them unique, professionally designed, and budget-friendly digital invitations. As Videogiri is the leading name in the industry, they offer various invites that fit all your requirements. All you need to do is choose any template for the website, add it to the cart and make payment. You can fill in the details and even attach the photos that you want to your invitation. Then, relax and receive the invite within 24 working hours.

No hassle, no stress, and no leaving your home! If you want a customized design or you like a certain design online, experts at Videogiri – Wedding Invitation Maker can make an invite from scratch for you. Read the reviews and feedback of the existing customers to be assured of quality and excellence.

Simplifying the Concept of Invitations with GIF, PDF & JPEG

To simplify the way you invite your guests, Videogiri, Online Invitation Maker, has launched four invitations: GIF, PDF, and JPG and Video. A special feature is added in the PDF invites that makes it easy for guests to find the venue location. These digital invites can help you focus on other arrangements rather than going door-to-door to invite your guests.

Expert designers at Invitemart blend various animations and graphics into one to offer the perfect customized invitation. These are futuristic ways of invitation, which differentiate themselves from traditional invites.

Instead of inviting guests with a dull email or text message, opt for these trendy invitations that can be shared with one click or pinned to your social media channel WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. These make for better invites as they can emote and open to more creative freedom. You can add your personalized designs, color schemes, layout, and font style.

Opt for Digital Invites Over Paper Ones:

As common as they are today, invitation cards made from paper are nothing but an unwanted hassle. It begins right from getting them designed, printed, stored, addressed, stamped, and lastly posted. Furthermore, they take a lot of time to deliver, or you have to visit your guests. Why experience so much hassle over inviting guests when you can opt for digital invites and invite them in a single touch? Get rid of the legwork that comes with paper invites. Moreover, traditions are no fun if they become inconvenient to you and your loved ones. So Contact to professional Wedding Invitation Maker today.

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Save the Planet & Save Money!

Lastly, digital invitations are paperless, which means where once We cut down hundreds of trees for a single event, now you can invite questions without doing so. Apart from the paper, you even save a lot of money with digital invites. Basically, you save the planet, save the invite and even save on all that postage. Is there anything better than this?

Check out the fantastic range of invitations available on Videogiri, and you’ll be amazed by it! Furthermore, you can subscribe to their Youtube channel to know more about new designs, offers and stay updated with Videogiri!

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