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The Complete Guide to an Online Wedding Invitation

Over time, there have been many changes and developments in the wedding business. A few patterns have and continue to have a lasting effect, despite several trends coming and going rapidly. Hiring An online wedding invitation card maker is one trend moving in the same direction. This style is very new. Thus, it didn’t take long for it to become mainstream. Here we will explain why online wedding invitations are becoming popular, especially among modern couples.

What is an online wedding invitation?

A digital marriage invitation delivered to all of your attendees online is known as an online wedding invitation. Because of this, they are often known as electronic or digital invitation cards. Because WhatsApp has become the most common way to send them to attendees, these are also known as WhatsApp wedding invitation cards.

Reasons to Create Online Wedding Invitations?

You’re probably thinking about why you need to make a digital card for a Wedding invitation. Online wedding invitations appear to offer the most practical alternative for wedding invitation delivery, in addition to being among the most popular wedding invitation approaches in recent years. Here are a few more explanations for hiring an online wedding invitation card maker.



Online wedding invitations eliminate the need for paper. They are, therefore, environmentally friendly and help cut down on paper waste during weddings. Over 500 guests are often invited to an Indian wedding, and over 10 million marriages are held annually. Just consider how much trash paper is generated! An online wedding invitation card maker can prevent these paper wastages.


Easy to Share

The sharing of an internet wedding invitation is effortless. Most platforms have built-in, simple sharing features that let you send the wedding invitation via WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Alternatively, you may share the invitation with your guest list by downloading it as a jpg or GIF. Comparatively speaking, labelling and shipping paper invitations is a big time and money drain.



Online wedding invites’ affordability is one of their main benefits. A premium card will only provide you with about five invites for the same amount of money as an internet wedding invitation, which costs about ₹499 -1000.

At Videogiri, you can create top-quality digital wedding cards. Using the card designs for the marriage on the Videogiri invitation card maker, you can quickly design a wedding invitation online and send it to all attendees with just one click. They appear just as an actual card would, which is why they’ve become so popular nowadays!`

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