Caricature Cartoon Animated Wedding Invitation | Save The Date | VG-768

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This video will best fits & visible on every mobile screen. Easy to share, Try this new, elegant and unique style of wedding invitation. Just place the order here and your video will be ready within 24 working hours.

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Caricature Cartoon Animated Wedding Invitation | Save The Date | VG-768

Are you looking for Caricature Cartoon Animated Wedding Invitation?

Hey, digital wedding invitations take good place in Digitize era, wedding invitations are divided in different categories like, traditional invites, religious and region based, modern and so on. But, in these days which one is too popular among denizens, that is caricature wedding invitation. Be it an arranged marriage or love, every couple has a story. A story based invite reveals the story of the couple typically from first met to the day of their engagement. Some couples share their story right from the birth. It is up-to you. Story based invites may vary according to culture or religion.

We at VideoGiri, making animated wedding invitation videos that depict your beautiful story and announce your wedding date with your favorite music tune in the background. In youngsters, caricature videos are becoming in very-demand. VideoGiri’s Wedding invites are becoming household name all over the globe and can be easily shared on Facebook, Instagram or whatsapp etc. You can capture and animate special moments from your life such as the first meeting, surprise proposal and so on. We can make your caricatures stand on Cloud nine and share the wedding message. This kind of video will be in an animation format. The invite reveals the story using animated character of boy, girl, families and their friends. To make this kind of video, you have to send script of your story then we will adjust your story in video with good animation.

Reasons to get a wedding invitation animated videos:-

  • First and foremost, make a real impression on your guest with a beautiful animated video to announce your wedding. Wow factor guaranteed!
  • Secondly, be Original & Unique
  • Thirdly, tell the Story of your Love
  • Next, It’s not just an invite but an occasion to tell the story of your love through your text, photos & music!
  • Besides, Be Eco-Friendly: Go Paperless
  • Apart from it, our animated videos are a greener environmental friendly alternative to traditional paper stationary. Let’s save the world together!
  • Moreover, save Money & Time
  • Furthermore, we have successfully delivered our “Digital Invitation” all over the world and waiting to deliver to your country also.
  • Last but not least we make it only in 1 to 2 working days and you can send it to your all friends and relatives by one click.

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