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Five benefits of sending video wedding invitation

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When a person’s wedding is fixed with your beloved, the families of both sides want to share their happiness with relatives, friends, and acquaintances. They do so by sending them wedding invitations. The traditional wedding invitations in the form of printed letters have slowly been replaced with digital wedding cards. Modern couples and their families now prefer to send video wedding invitations. This is a unique and creative way of sending invitations.

We list below five benefits of sending video wedding invitations.

Provides with an Instant Acknowledgment
Shows Creative Ideas

The videos put in the digital wedding cards show innovative ideas and creativity and are often customized as per the bride and groom’s likes. For example, the video may feature the favorite romantic song of the wedding couple or their favorite scene from a particular movie. The video can also include the family members of the to-be-married couple. This helps the guests know about the family and the background.

Give a Personalized Message
Can Offer Personalized Messages

The video can incorporate personalized messages for the guests. The bride and groom can primarily address each guest by their name in the video. This will make a special connection between the guest and the host, and the guests will feel happy.

Represents Innovative Idea
Provides Instant Acknowledgement

The RSVP link is attached to each wedding invitation video. The guests need to click on this link and submit their response to whether they will attend the wedding or not. This makes it easy for the bride and groom’s families to know the estimated number of guests who will attend the wedding. Everything is arranged as per the number of invitees, and this prevents food and drinks wastage. Also, with the confirmation, the host knows that the wedding card has been reached and read by the guest.

Very Affordable
Cheaper Than Traditional Cards

Digital video wedding cards are cheaper than traditional printed wedding cards. Printed cards included the cost of paper, envelope, design, colour, etc. You can email the invitation cards free and to as many people as you want to. Also, the email reaches in less than a minute. If printed cards were to be sent to so many people, it would cost much higher.

Can be sent only a few days before the wedding
It Can Be Sent a Few Days Before

Earlier, the bride and groom had to send the printed wedding cards to the guests much in advance, maybe a month earlier, to make sure the guests received the invitation in time. Postal delivery takes time to reach. But now, with the advent of digital wedding cards, the wedding couple can send the card just a few days before the marriage as it hardly takes a couple of seconds to email the card.

Thus, we see that sending wedding video invitations to the guests is far more convenient, hassle-free, cheap, and accessible. Moreover, the invitation video wedding breaks the monotony of the usual old-fashioned printed cards. More and more married couples are finding interest in this new form of digital wedding invitation cards

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