Baby Mundan Ceremony Invitation Video | VG-808


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Baby Mundan Ceremony Invitation Video | VG-808

Are you looking for Baby Mundan Ceremony Invitation video? India is a country of various religions. Every part of India is different and full of customs and rituals. Mundan is one of them normally performed as first head shaving of a child. It is believed that when the child is being shaved for the first time ,saves him from the negativity of evil.

It’s a very special day for the parents and is celebrated with great pomp and show in many parts of India. So, don’t go anywhere else for the invitation . Just forget the oldest ways of inviting your relatives and friends. We have updated the best for your child’s special day. Scroll down and watch  your child’s mundan ceremony invitation video and invite your relatives those live very far from you. Just have a look.

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