Mata Ki Chowki

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Goddess Durga has always been a divine object for meditation, Bhakti, prayers and guidance since ages. She is deeply gloried by in the Durga Chalisa, Forty-hymn treatise that vividly praises Her presence.

But  People today are too much engrossed in their worldly responsibilities that they have forgotten the higher purpose of their life. People look out for happiness and love in those things which will remain temporary on this Earth. People run after one materialistic thing to the other and losing the inner- peace and happiness at the cost of luxury and status in the society. In this hustle-bustle of life, people have forgotten the supreme goal of their life.

So let’s chant Mata’s bhajan and gather Mata’s followers and your near & dear ones. Send Mata  Ki chowki invitations by choosing our best designs of Mata Ki chowki invitation cards. Scroll down for the best out of world.

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